What is Contextual Link Building?

Silent SEO Ninja is a Dallas-based SEO agency.

Silent SEO Ninja is a Dallas-based SEO agency.

What is contextual link building?

Link building is important. However, the relevancy of the site you are building the link from is equally, if not more, important.

It is often said in SEO that content is king. For link building, relevancy is king.

If you are getting a 101 links from a variety of websites focused on puppies but your site is all about weight loss products, then you will see significant rise in the SERPs. However, most webmasters do not realize that this rise is not as high as it could be if all the links were coming from relevant niche sites with powerful authority.

To get the most BANG for your buck/time many webmasters turn to contextual link building, simply meaning that your link is in relevant context. This is different strategy then having a link in a sidebar, as it requires your link to be surround by content, usually in a blog post.

So what do you do?

As webmasters, we need to seek out sites that are relevant to ours. Personally, I like to use Open Link Profiler, to analyze powerful backlinks that are linking to my competitors.

For example, if I owned a site in weight loss products, I would find a major competitor who has a lot more link velocity then me. I would then take their URL and run it through Open Link Profiler. This site will tell me powerful links that are linking directly to that site.

You can easily just click the backlinks from Open Link Profiler and go directly to the page your competitor is receiving the link from. You can then contact the site admins and ask to guest blog post or for them to include a link to your site in an upcoming article.

Since the sites you are contacting are relevant to your site, you will be surprised by how many yes-es you get.

Any other thoughts?

This is just one of the dozens of methods you can implement today to start increasing your ranking in Google. However, if you do not have enough time or would just simply like the help of a professional, consider giving Silent SEO Ninja a try. We are a Dallas-based SEO agency, and yes! We do contextual link building in several of our packages as well as for all of our custom monthly clients.

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