Monthly SEO Packages

Get Started
$85 /mo
For Low-Moderate Competition Niches
Number of URLs: 1-2
Number of Keywords: 1-2
Number of Backlinks: 40+
Majestic TrustFlow (TF): Min. 10, Avg. 32
MozRank: 80% links are 6+
Moz PageAuthority (PA): 16+
Price Per Link: $2.12
Get Going
$160 /mo
For Moderate Competition Niches
Number of URLs: 1-3
Number of Keywords: 1-3
Number of Backlinks: 90+
Majestic TrustFlow (TF): Min. 10, Avg. 32
MozRank: 80% links are 6+
Moz PageAuthority (PA): 16+
Price Per Link: $1.77
Get There
$240 /mo
For Moderate-High Competition Niches
Number of URLs: 1-4
Number of Keywords: 1-4
Number of Backlinks: 160+
Majestic TrustFlow (TF): Min. 10, Avg. 32
MozRank: 80% links are 6+
Moz PageAuthority (PA): 16+
Price Per Link: $1.50
$340 /mo
For High Competition Niches
Number of URLs: 1-5
Number of Keywords: 1-5
Number of Backlinks: 260+
Majestic TrustFlow (TF): Min. 10, Avg. 32
MozRank: 80% links are 6+
Moz PageAuthority (PA): 16+
Price Per Link: $1.30

*All packages include Do Follow Links, Home Page Links, Max 7 Outbound Links, Content Filter Check, BONUS – Full On-Site Report. All pages are at least 1 year old, 80% are Moz Rank 5+, and with 16+ Page Authority

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Are the links safe? Will my site get penalized?

Yes, these links are as safe as you can get. We even use our own service to rank our websites, so we actually do ‘practice what we preach.’
Of course, we cannot predict any future Google updates, but neither can anybody else. What we can do is place your links only on sites that Google actually cares about.

Which plan is right for me?

Currently, we offer 4 packages – Get Started, Get Going, Get There, and Dominate! The more the competition your keyword has, the more link juice we recommend to order. If you do not know which package to choose, feel free to contact us with your keywords and URL, we will be happy to provide you some suggestions 

Can I get #1 on Google with your service?

Absolutely! If we have a realistic time frame and you have chosen an appropriate package for your keywords, we would be baffled if you didn't rank.

How long does it take to see rank improvement?

Usually, you should be able to see your rank increase within 2-3 weeks of starting a campaign, to reach the top it takes anywhere from a month to several months depending on the keyword. However, exact ranking time vary on a case by case basis. Rankings by Google are not determined solely by keywords but also your on-page SEO, current back linking profile, domain age, niche competition, if a package is chosen well with the competitiveness of the keyword, and many more factors. Silent SEO Ninja is primarily focused on building safe, long-term rankings; that is why we never use any aggressive methods that could potentially rank you faster but also increase the risk of penalty from Google significantly.

Are you guys a PBN or do you operate a PBN?

No, no, a thousand times no! Silent SEO Ninja is an agency made of 3 professional SEM and SEO consultants. The sites that will have your links are not owned by us, nor are they owned by a person operating them as a PBN. All sites are unique in their ownership, hosting, location, platform, age, and etc. Everything is randomized as much as possible to prevent any footprints. There is a reason they call us ninjas!
On the contrary, an average PBN that you would see for sale at BHW or WarriorForum are largely built using expired domains that have recently changed vital information such as WhoIs info, URL structure, content, and site layout. In addition, most PBNs have very predictable site structure: a blog with a bunch of poorly written, unrelated articles, each linking to an external site. These characteristics make PBNs very vulnerable to Google’s hammer.

What kinds of site will you place my link on?

All links will be placed on real, established sites. We make sure all the sites have high authority metrics. Most sites will be .com, .org, and .net; however, others are possible to get included purely for diversification and to keep everything looking natural. We do not use country specific extensions like .de or .ru unless requested specifically.

Are my links placed on the actual high authority pages, or does just the domain have high authority metrics?

Any page that we place your link will have high authority metrics such as MozRank, CitationFlow, TrustFlow, Domain Authority, Page Authority, PR, etc. In other words, you are not paying for links to be on pages that nobody ever sees and that do not have any link juice.

What is the turnaround time?

We will have your campaign set up within 48 hours of placing your order. Link placement will begin immediately after that. We will drip feed all links, usually around 4-20 a day, depending on the package size, domain age, and number of backlinks already linking to your site. The reason we do this is to keep everything looking natural without any detectable patterns.

Are there any niches that you do not accept?

Yes: adult, gambling and pharma niches. However, please do feel free to contact us and, depending on the content of your site, we might be able to refer you to our friends in Chicago.

Are the sites niche relevant?

Yes, we will post as many niche relevant links as possible. However, our links work just as great even on general topic sites.

Do you use an indexing service for the links?

No, and the beautiful part is: We do not have to! Since all sites that will have your links are real and natural, they are indexed by Google on a regular basis. Most links are crawled within only a few days. Moreover, not indexing these links manually, ensures that we do not leave any footprints. No wonder they call us ninjas!

What do you need from me to get started?

All we need is your URLs, keyword(s), and target country. We will take care of the rest, such as deep linking, full site analysis, anchor text diversification, etc.

How long will these links be active?

Our monthly packages are subscription based. Meaning that as long as you are subscribed, the links will be there. This practice is common among agencies that use high authority sites and not PBNs. We also pay monthly for these links, this creates an incentive for the site owner to keep his metrics high.

Will I receive a new set of links each month?

The links that we build the first month, will be the links that stay on as long as you are subscribed. This is a standard practice for SEO agencies that do not deal with PBNs or other shady ranking methods. Moreover, experienced SEO consultants will tell you that you do not want to always keep getting new links in favor of getting rid of old ones. What is more important is keeping the same high quality links pointing to your site for long periods of time. The longer the link is active, the more link juice passes on to you.
Please note, if any site that is linking to you drops in ranking, we will instantly match you up with a new site.

Are link contextual or non-contextual?

Our links are non-contextual, however as part of our anchor text diversification, parts of anchors are placed with keywords related to the surrounding text. We do not use contextual links because they have become Google is putting more emphasis on finding and de-ranking contextual links since most amateur SEO companies use these. Your links will be placed on real, established sites only (not PBNs) which is another reason we are able to get you so much more link juice!

My site isn’t in English, can you still help?

Absolutely, we will do our best to place as many links on language and country relevant sites as possible.

How can I contact you?

Just scroll down towards the bottom of this page, and send us a message through the contact box. We will respond shortly.
Live Chat coming soon!


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