Cheap SEO Packages vs. Affordable SEO Packages

When browsing the web for SEO packages many people stumble upon what looks like an incredible deal. “Buy 50 links, Get 100 FREE,” and “500 Links from High PR Web2.0 properties,” these deals scream at you. One of these quotes was taken from Fiverr, which means you can get it for only $5. Now that’s a cheap SEO package folks! But are they really effective? Will they actually help your website, or will they push it down the eternal cascades of Google pages, burying you in the dark trenches nobody dares to look at. Well you can find out for yourself, it is relatively cheap. However, there is another breed of SEO packages, admittedly at a slightly higher price range but packed with enough power that just might give your page a boost in the SERPs.

How to spot good SEO vs bad.

Whenever researching what SEO strategy to implement it important to analyze what type of linking the agency will do. Most SEO agencies will be straightforward with the strategies they use. Beware of those that do not. In most cases, there is really no secret SEO sauce that makes one agency better than the other. 98% of SEO is all about sources. If your agency has the contacts and resources to pull together a large amount of writers under its staff whom write articles for PR7 and PR8 blogs, then that SEO agency will have incredible step up on the competition. However, anybody can do this. You yourself can contact writers of niche relevant blogs and ask them to insert a link to your site in a relevant article. But this takes time, and there are a lot more no-s than yes-es. If you do not have time to spend emailing endless lists of bloggers and PR sites, then, like most people, you turn to an SEO agency. So how do you know if their services will be any good. Here are a few things to look for

  • PageAuthority (PA)/DomainAuthority (DA) – These metrics are established by powerhouse SEO analytics website Moz. They are one the first things you should look for. The numbers range from 1-100, the higher the better. DA of 1-10 is relatively low power and most people do not waste money on links from those domains.
  • TrustFlow (TF)/CitationFlow (CF) – These metrics are established by Majestic SEO. Both of these links tell you the cumulative power of the domains and pages linking to your website. Again, the higher the number the better. Generally, you do not want to spend money on anything less than CF/TF of 10.
  • Domain Age – This is the age of the domain that the website is associated with. Most newer domain names have low CF/TF and DA/PA metrics anyway, so they should be ruled out. You should seek to get links from domains that are at least a year.
  • Outbound Links (OBL) – This number is very important when it comes to getting the most bang for your buck. Outbound links is the number of links on a page that are linking to external sites. In theory, the authority of the domain, the link juice if you will, gets divided amongst all the outbound links. So if you have 50 outbound links on one page, they get 1/50 the link juice as would the same page with only one link. Therefore, it is clearly better to have a very low number of OBLs. If you are paying for links we recommend you never get linked from pages with more than 15 outbound links.
  • PageRank – One time this was one of the most important factors to look for, however, now it is becoming a relic of the past. However, we as webmasters still have to look at it as they are a direct sign from Google about the importance of a particular page. Many SEO packages are determined by the PR of the pages links are placed from. We caution readers to not to pay more than $10 for a link from PR2 or lower pages. On the contrary, expect to pay upwards of a hundred dollars for a permanent, homepage link from a PR 7-8 site.
  • Relevance – How relevant is the page that the link is place to your website? If not at all, then it will definitely be not as effective. If a nail salon got a link from a Silicon Valley tech blog it would not be as effective as if the same nail salon got a link from Vogue or People. The more relevant the better the results.


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