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SEO: More than Meets the Eye

SEO: More than Meets the Eye As we all know there is a purpose the every page we add on our website, posts included. Most of the time, the purpose is simple: to rank highly for a particular keyword, usually long-tail. However, that is only half of the battle, my […]

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The Rise and Fall of Google PageRank (PR)

The Rise and Fall of Google PageRank (PR)

What is PageRank Google’s PageRank metric has been the talk of the town for some years now. Any SEO provider will scream at you, “I can get you link from PR 7 or PR 8 domains!!!” Throwing the phrase around like it’s magic. Well let me be, potentially, the first […]

Beating the Google Sandbox

Beating the Google Sandbox – The Strategy We Use to Rank a Brand New Domain in Less Than a Month

The Google Sandbox is often referred to as 3-6 month waiting period your new domain has to endure before experience any significant ranking improvement. Ever since Google started ‘penalizing’ new domains, it webmasters have had an increasingly more difficult time ranking brand new domains.

Of course, one of the solutions is to get an already aged domain with a good backlink profile and a decent history. But what if you want a brand new domain? You might be building a new brand, naming a site after somebody or something, or jumping onto a new trend. Whatever the case is, sometimes you just have to start from scratch.

So what can you do to be stuck in Goolge’s Sandbox less and spend more time at the top?

I have put together the only 4 step system that you need to implement to get out of the deep blue sea. Read on, my friends.

What is Contextual Link Building?

Link building is important. However, the relevancy of the site you are building the link from is equally, if not more, important.

It is often said in SEO that content is king. For link building, relevancy is king.

If you are getting a 101 links from a variety of websites focused on puppies but your site is all about weight loss products, then you will see significant rise in the SERPs. However, most webmasters do not realize that this rise is not as high as it could be if all the links were coming from relevant niche sites with powerful authority.

Cheap SEO Packages vs. Affordable SEO Packages

When browsing the web for SEO packages many people stumble upon what looks like an incredible deal. “Buy 50 links, Get 100 FREE,” and “500 Links from High PR Web2.0 properties,” these deals scream at you. One of these quotes was taken from Fiverr, which means you can get it for only $5. Now that’s a cheap SEO package folks! But are they really effective? Will they actually help your website, or will they push it down the eternal cascades of Google pages, burying you in the dark trenches nobody dares to look at. Well you can find out for yourself, it is relatively cheap. However, there is another breed of SEO packages, admittedly at a slightly higher price range but packed with enough power that just might give your page a boost in the SERPs.

SEO Facts According to Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s Webspam team, and their chief webspam fighter. This means that when it comes to SEO, his word is law because he holds the search engine ranking of every website in his hand. His job is to ensure that the spammy and black-hat techniques employed by some do not influence Google’s search results list. In other words, when Matt Cutts speaks, we all listen. This is what he has to say about link building:

SEO Facts according to Matt Cutts