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Cheap SEO Packages vs. Affordable SEO Packages

When browsing the web for SEO packages many people stumble upon what looks like an incredible deal. “Buy 50 links, Get 100 FREE,” and “500 Links from High PR Web2.0 properties,” these deals scream at you. One of these quotes was taken from Fiverr, which means you can get it for only $5. Now that’s a cheap SEO package folks! But are they really effective? Will they actually help your website, or will they push it down the eternal cascades of Google pages, burying you in the dark trenches nobody dares to look at. Well you can find out for yourself, it is relatively cheap. However, there is another breed of SEO packages, admittedly at a slightly higher price range but packed with enough power that just might give your page a boost in the SERPs.

SEO Facts according to Matt Cutts

SEO Facts According to Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s Webspam team, and their chief webspam fighter. This means that when it comes to SEO, his word is law because he holds the search engine ranking of every website in his hand. His job is to ensure that the spammy and black-hat techniques employed by some do not influence Google’s search results list. In other words, when Matt Cutts speaks, we all listen. This is what he has to say about link building: